PM me through Hilljayne's forum or email me at and tell me why you love Jayne and I'll publish it here on this page, tell me what name you'd like to be known and and your favourite Jayne picture.

Addi's favourite picture and why he loves Jayne: I love Jayne because she was outrageous as well and she was a sex sympol and also a mother of five children! and also that she was very sweet person! and great actress., i love her more and more every day! she was awesome! She was on of the kind!
Photobucket Thenewmarilyn's favourite picture and why she loves Jayne: I love Jayne because she was unlike any other star I have ever known of; her life was that of a fairytale. She was raised in a strict home in a puritanical era, but went on to become the world's most renowned sex symbol; she broke all boundaries. She had the guts to live life how SHE wanted and was not afraid of what anyone else would make of it. She fulfilled her dreams regardless of how unrealistic they were, and was willing to work hard for them. She was loving; of life, children, and animals. She was strong and determined but not embittered or negative; she was glamorous and larger than life but also had a girl next door quality. She was not vulnerable or timid but had a childlike innocence that she never lost; she never really grew up in the sense that she lived the life she dreamed of as a child. She did not have the inhibitions, fear, defences, or guile that many around her had. She loved her adoring public and would have done anything for them; she never complained about being a star and never made herself a victim of anything. She lived life lightly and to the fullest and never took herself seriously. She had a way of finding the best in every situation and never let anything or anyone get the best of her. She always tried to better her life and herself and never gave up!